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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Keeping Up—Sort Of

As much as we might like to, few of us can afford the time it takes to keep up with research that impinges on the field of career development. Here's a partial answer though.

Have a collection of journals delivered to your browser as RSS feeds and then read just a sprinkling of the abstracts from those feeds as they appear.

Here's a collection that I enjoy sampling from, all from the American Psychological Association:

Two notes:
  1. Each of these links is an RSS feed address. Just copy and paste it into your favourite RSS reader.
  2. You may notice slightly strange behaviour from some of these APA feeds. They seem to receive information about new journal issues before that information is posted to the journal pages on the APA web site. No matter though, you can still read the abstracts in the feeds.
If you happen upon a topic about which you would like to read free scholarly articles you might also be interested in another of my notes, Getting Enough Stuff to Read. Sometimes academic authors publish free copies of published articles so that many more people are able to read them and this note will show you how to identify those copies using the Firefox browser and a little gizmo that I made. Many people are already using it, as I discovered a week or two ago.