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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Clients with Possible Mood Disorders: Advice for Career Developers

The lady I am interviewing in these videos is Karen Liberman, Executive Director of the Mood Disorders Associations of Ontario (Canada). I have had to split the interview into two parts to fit the constraints imposed by youtube.

As suggested by Karen, here's where you can get your Check Up from the Neck Up. And here's the MDAO site. I can only thank Karen once more for agreeing to provide this helpful information.

Video camera and related equipment kindly supplied by Niagara West Education and Learning Resource Centres. Thank you!

Anyone can produce a video like this (when the interviewee is this helpful and good): do your video cropping and cutting using Avidemux (free), then use storage space on youtube (free).


Anonymous said...

excellent information - thank you for sharing insights of clients who may be demonstrating signs and symptoms of mood disorders.