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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Crowd-sourcing 1984

Many years have passed since I read George Orwell's classic, 1984. If I remember correctly he envisaged a time when most people were kept under constant central surveillance. Maybe it's time to break the news to clients that it's not just employers (or imaginary rogue states) that might keep watch on us.

Nowadays surveillance is not central. Everybody on the planet with 'net service can see what has been recorded about you.

Nowadays you never know who might be recording your voice or your actions. Surveillance is now crowd sourced.

Anyone carrying a fairly ordinary digital camera or cellular telephone can surreptitiously record anything they can see you doing.

If you're a bus driver, a passenger can record a video showing you reading a book whilst you're driving on a highway.

If you're a bus driver (clearly passengers hate their drivers), a passenger can show that you take unscheduled bathroom and coffee breaks with your passengers waiting.

If you're prone to violence of any kind (even if it's 'just' verbal), you'll appear violent forever.

I did only a quick search to find these. I left many out, only because I have such refined taste in entertainment.


Anonymous said...

And just maybe some day you'll get credit for a change for something good you did.