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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Finding Stuff About Canadian Universities

One of the chores that some of us often do involves helping clients find information about programmes and courses at Canadian universities. Someone called Chris Redmond maintains a dandy list of the URLs for these institutions on the University of Waterloo site. As far as I know though there is no easy way of searching it.

So I've whipped something up. It's a Google custom search that will pick through the items listed on Mr Redmond's page from Alberta through Yukon. Here's a link you can bookmark.

Request: Can anyone tell me of a similar list for colleges, please?

Editorial: When I want to find web pages for universities in some countries using Google it's easy because the institutions have their own subdomains: .edu in America, in the UK, in India, in Australia and so on. (I use Google's 'site' clause.) In Canada it's hard. Why don't universities make it easy on prospective students, careers people and academics by asking CIRA for a nice new subdomain--say, The little custom search described above would be totally unnecessary with this change in place. Universities could even continue to operate their old domain names.