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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Job Developers: Wanna Make a Job Feed?

Thanks to a new arrival on the web,, if you can display a job advertisement in a web browser (and you can always do that, one way or another) then you can add it to a feed in gleanr. Jobs in feeds are much easier to share with employment counsellors, other job developers and clients. It's really easy to do.

Here's how.
  1. As you would with other sites like this, you will need to open an account on to use it.
  2. Now click on 'New Channel' to make a place to put your job advertisements. This will become the source of items for your jobs news feed.
    I called my channel 'Jobs'. (OK, so I'm unimaginative.) Here's part of the display of my Jobs channel with just one advertisement in it.

    Most of this display is none too interesting. I'm showing it to you mainly because of the presence of the RSS feed symbol in the lower, righthand corner. You will need to right-click on that so that you can copy the URL of the feed, so that you can tell all your users about it. Mine here is

  3. Look for "Install & Use the 'Gleanlet'" in the righthand column, and follow the instructions for installing it in your browser toolbar. Now we are ready to start adding jobs to our news feed.
  4. Let's suppose you are a job developer and that an employer has just told you that she needs a couple of store managers within two weeks. She has posted an advertisement on the company's website.
    To capture it all you have to do is browse to the corresponding job page, highlight the significant part of the page by dragging your mouse across it and then click on 'Glean It!' will offer you a form in which you can further details if you would like before you send the selection to one of your channels. Anyone who has subscribed to your RSS news feed will now receive this advertisement as a new item now.
Variant 1. Some employers do not post jobs to their web sites but this is not a problem. Usually an employer can supply an advertisement in the form of an MS Word document. Simply save the document as a web page, open that web page in your browser and then process it as before.

Variant 2. Some employers supply job advertisements in the form of PDF files. There are a number of free services on the 'net the perform conversions of PDF files to HTML. One of them is Input the PDF job advertisement to this site and open the output from the site in your browser; process it as before.

Packaging: Your final step would probably be to offer your feed in the following form, that is, as a link marked with the RSS feed symbol.

PS: is a great way of collecting useful tidbits about a lot of topics, not just jobs.