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Monday, July 26, 2010

One Immigrant's Experience of Our Newcomer Services

Cultural assumptions have a peculiar way of reaching out and biting you. Here in Canada compass direction is important when we travel by car. So I had something to learn about the meaning of direction in other cultures. About forty years ago I visited some of my cousins in a densely populated European city for the first time. They were aghast enough when I suggested driving hundreds of miles for a day's outing. When I asked them which way the window in the front of their house pointed—north, east, south or west—they had no idea how to answer. No-one in his right mind would try to navigate in their winding, circuitous streets and roads on the basis of that kind of information.

Here's former Jamaican Raquel Ingram's account of her experience of how she came to a decision to move to Canada and how she gathered the information needed to be viable here: Immigrants should be given a realistic impression of the Canadian labour market before they come to the country.