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Monday, July 26, 2010

Form a Boomer Death Squad in Your Neighbourhood

For sixty-odd years now the boomers have been drifting through life, sucking up resources. But it wasn't so bad, until now, because we were paying. Now, unless you do something, you're going to be paying for our bad choices. Through the nose—for our prescriptions, walkers, hospital and respite care, pensions and all of the other stuff needed to keep us safely out of sight.

Those of you interested in trying to benefit from this trend will remember David Foot of the University of Toronto, and his book Boom, Bust and Echo, yet some of his thoughts seem perfectly quaint as Canada veers today toward the so-called 'libertarian' right. Still, if you read the book (or even if you didn't) and want excellent graphical portrayals of how populations have trended, and are to trend, in some of the world's principal economies have a look at GE's Our Aging World. Just remember, as it says on that page, we're getting old faster than ever.

Act now.


John FitzGerald said...

boomers have not been sucking up resources, they've been paying for other generations. Boomer men, in particular, have had far higher unemployment rates than other postwar generations. There weren't enough older people to create many new jobs when they were young, and now they have to compete with younger people.

The generation that sucked up resources was the generation of men born before the war but too young to fight in it. The baby boom made jobs for them.