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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Canada Is Not the USA Divided By 10

I think it's important to consider this factor when we try to gauge the likely efficacy of advice and strategies that have emanated from that vast collection of social milieux. I was delightfully surprised when I happened upon this graph this morning that neatly illustrates what I mean.

Although it might be a little difficult to see at this size, there's Canada above the line, in the upper, left corner. Our income inequality needs improvement but our social mobility is similar to that of the Scandinavian countries. Meanwhile, in the United States, on average, your status at birth is your status at death.



John FitzGerald said...

Interesting that the UK is down in the lower right, too. The Thatcher-Blair legacy. I believe those are also the two worst economies on the graph.

Bill Bell said...

From what I can understand those two birds have left an education system that will serve to maintain the incomes inequalities, if not the poor economic situation, for some time to come.