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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dangerous Occupation

As of today (31 August 2010), the CBC site reports that 152 members of the Canadian Government's armed services have been killed "in the Afghanistan mission". A news item in the Canadian Medical Association Journal News, Suicide claiming more British Falkland veterans than fighting did, claims that 256 soldiers were killed during the Falklands war and that 264 took their own lives afterwards.

Then by my reckoning this suggests that we can expect that a further 152 ( 264 / 256 ) or 157 (or so) Canadian men and women will die by suicide as a consequence of military service in Afghanistan. So far.

What's more, previous experience from the innumerable wars and conflicts of this and the previous century demonstrate without doubt that many of the so-called survivors of these episodes cope with the dreadful effects of PTSD, as well as physical disabilities and disfiguration, as do their families and society at large.

Need I say more?