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Thursday, August 5, 2010

If You Want More Followers on Twitter ...

That's the point, isn't it? There is absolutely no point in posting to Twitter if no-one reads what you post. So we all want millions of people to follow us.

Well I do, anyway.

The difficulty in doing this, as you must already know, is that, to be followed you must follow. Yet most people write drivel on Twitter. Not the good stuff that you and I offer, right? Consequently there comes a point at which you can no longer afford the time to read what your informative Twitter companions have to say. And the whole exercise becomes more or less pointless.

Here's one thing you can do. I don't know if it's the best approach. It works for me.
  • Create a Twitter List of people whose Tweets you consider worth reading. Keep it small because you really are going to read many of these Tweets, eh. I call my list 'Attention' because I will give these Tweets my attention.
  • When anyone (anyone!) announces that they are following you follow them. Just do it. Now peruse this person's most recent few dozen Tweets and make up your mind whether they are worth following. If so, or if you think they might be, then add them to your Attention list.
  • I'm can't advise you about which of the millions of Twitter clients you might or should use. I use Brizzly and it works for me with the scheme I'm describing here. It's quick and easy to use. When you log in to your Twitter account with Brizzly you will see your Attention list.
  • Rather than reading enormous amounts of drivel I have found that you can just read:
  1. Direct messages to you.
  2. Messages that mention you.
  3. Your 'Attention' list.
And when someone starts sending Tweets about how they're just about to have their second coffee of the afternoon and that it's going to keep them awake all night you just bump them off your Attention list.


Career Transition Specialist said...

Thanks for the hint, William. I enjoy Hootsuite, it is easy for me, but I w ill check out Brizzly as well on your reccomendation. I like Hootsuite because it posts to all my tools.

I like your "Attention" list, and cannot wiat to try it out for more effective "tweeting".


Bill Bell said...

You're welcome, CTS. I'll take a look at Hootsuite.

marco said...

Hi Bill,

Interesting article. I would also recommend Hootsuite. It's got loads of options, including being able to follow/post to Facebook and LinkedIn, which can come in handy, especially in a career context.

You can also pull your blog feed into Hootsuite and have it automatically tweet when you post a new article.

The "columns" allow you to organize your "Attention" and other lists in any order you wish, etc.

Many options in Hootsuite, very functional and flexible.

One comment. In an article about gaining Twitter followers, you appear to have neglected to add your Twitter handle. I read your blog in a reader, but I popped out to see if your Twitter handle is prominent on your blog, and it's not.

So, perhaps a suggestion to make it more prominent in articles about Twitter and on your site? :-)

Bill Bell said...

Thanks for commenting, Marco. You have caught me in an inconsistency of a kind. Here I am posting about Twitter without providing my Twitter feed.

Actually, that's deliberate.

My postings on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are sometimes political or ideological and I want to keep this blog focused on items that might be useful, or at least of some interest, to people in career and employment fields.

Thanks again.

marco said...

Fair enough.

But, I was referring to your Twitter handle, not a feed on your blog.

Kind of like your LinkedIn badge.