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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Brilliant Way of Organising Career Stories

People come to career developers at all stages of their adult, working lives. We want them to be able to accept the possibility that there are alternative paths, and knowing that people in comparable situations have taken alternative paths might help them to do that.

That's why I really like one of the ways the stories in icould are organised. I had never seen career stories organised by 'life themes' before! includes a sizable and growing collection of videos and biographical notes about adult experiences of careers, and career changes, organised in various ways. Career developers could use selected stories to show that careers don't begin with high school or university. Or individuals can explore them for inspiration.

To be blunt, the only shortcoming of this site, from the point of view of most Canadian users, is that all of the stories involve British people and the terms used may be somewhat unfamiliar to many here.

Thanks are due to Richard Byrne of Free Technology for Teachers for posting information about icould.