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Thursday, September 9, 2010

To Succeed Think About Lots of Successes

In a nutshell: to prepare yourself to succeed—in a job interview, on an examination, etc—make a list of occasions when you have succeeded and bear them in mind. Don't use just one success story.

For a fuller discussion about this bit of psychology see Dr Heidi Grant Halvorson, Yesterday Influences Your Performance Today in Surprising Ways in Psychology Today.


chris said...

This is fantastic, William, and I could not agree more.

I consistently urge clients to do a few "mental pushups" before na interview, and I even commented on this idea in a very recent blog post of my own.

Great thoughts!


Chris Kulbaba

chris said...

This is a great thought, William. I have urged clients, and do so regularly, to perform a few mental push ups to get ready for an interview.
I even spoke to this in a recent blog article of my own.

Great article!

Chris Kulbaba

Bill Bell said...

Thanks, Chris!

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tzongyih said...

Good, it's great.
I agree with what you said.

Thanks for your sharing.

Bill Bell said...

Thank you, tzongyih, and thank you for commenting!