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Monday, November 1, 2010

Good Stuff from Journal of Career Assessment

I found two gems in the November edition.

Gem 11

Professor John Krumboltz, who is famous as the inventor of 'happenstance' amongst other things says: "The supply of occupational information appears to exceed the demand."

I dunno: is he joking? Or are we all missing the point? The flood of questions on places like LinkedIn, Aardvark continues. Is it that no-one is interested or that no-one ever thinks of using available stores of information?

Anyway nobody wanted to use the 100-odd videos that Professor Krumboltz refers to and now they've been moved here. Typical titles are Athletic Trainer, Casino Dealer, Chef, Child Psychologist and Carpenter. In the unlikely event that anyone would want to look at some of these let me mention that there are even some Canadians amongst the people featured.

In the astronomically unlikely event that anyone would want to sample an even bigger collection of videos on the same site look here.

Gem 22

Professors Kevin Glavin and Mark Savickas announced the availability of Vocopher. 'The Career Collaboratory is an Internet-based website that contains free career instruments and educational materials intended for practitioners, researchers, and teachers of career development.'