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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Do Not Think of a Hippopotamus

I want you to keep yourself from thinking of a hippopotamus for, say, the next five minutes. Go ahead, I'm watching you.

[Five-minute pause here.]

How did it go? How did you manage to avoid thinking of this unusual animal without ... er ... thinking of this animal?

If this predicament is new to you then perhaps you've never been someone given to unreasonable anxiety or worry. But if, like me, you know exactly what it's like to ruminate excessively over old life crises or disasters, or the potential for new ones, then this kind of waste of mental resources will be all too familiar to you.

Lots of people are troubled with unwelcome ruminations. Clients can find anxiety especially disabling. Fortunately there are remedies. Here's a recent series of interviews of Dr Mark Reineke intended for consumers. Dr Reineke is a distinguished psychiatrist and author. Let me just mention however that although the content seems excellent the interview quality is not stellar.

Interviews: 1 2 3 4 5

Picture: Norbert Nagel