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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sloppers, Sponges, Supersloppers, Slimers & Thieves

Ah! How I regret that our streets are no longer graced by water carriers like this one. I cannot regard this entirely as progress, and career developers may be like water carriers.

Nevertheless, change is inevitable. Today a friend told me about zenni optical where you can buy prescription eyeglasses for as little as US$6.95. What will this do to opticians who charge hundreds?

We already know of many occupations that are being assailed by, or lost to, technological change. If you would like to read a somewhat different categorisation to account for occupations loss then you might consider Andy Kessler's WSJ article, "Is Your Job an Endangered Species?," or his book, which is mentioned in the article.

Water carriers are no longer needed in a society that has pipes and a reliable supply of potable water. Now look at LinkedIn. Large numbers of people there have mastered the basics of résumé writing, job interviewing, job search, and so on—they constitute the information supply—and sites like LinkedIn provide the pipes for conducting this information to thirsty users. Unless career developers find ways of adding greater value we will be like water carriers.

What can we do for clients that cannot be done by non-specialists?

"Die Wassertragerin", by Eugene de Blaas


Michelle C said...

Hi Bill

just found your blog on the OACDP site.. great idea ..good info

about the topic of change in the job market, just wanted to mention Richard Florida , he coined the term
"the great reset", for our time.


Michelle C
bilingual advisor

Bill Bell said...

Thanks, Michelle.

Here's Florida on LibraryThing:

Richard Florida

Includes his book The Great Reset, I see.