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Saturday, March 12, 2011

15 Radio Programmes about Psychology

Archived programmes from the BBC series Mind Changers, hosted by Claudia Hammond:
  1. Henri Tajfel's Minimal Groups
  2. Walter Mischel's Marshmallow Study
  3. Arden House : Langer and Rodin's 1976 Arden House study.
  4. Harlow's Monkeys : Harry Harlow's surrogate mothers experiment, which revolutionised parenting.
  5. The Hawthorne Effect : The 1920s experiment in a Chicago factory that gave rise to the Hawthorne Effect.
  6. The Pseudo-Patient Study : David Rosenhan's Pseudo-Patient Study.
  7. The Bobo Doll : Albert Bandura's experiment in 1961 exposed the dangers of imitative behaviour.
  8. The Heinz Dilemma : Lawrence Kohlberg's experiment to quantify the human capacity for ethical reasoning.
  9. The Stanford Prison Experiment : When Philip Zimbardo set up a mock prison, he had no idea what he would witness.
  10. Hans Eysenck : Hans Eysenck's studies of introvert and extrovert personalities.
  11. Mary Ainsworth : Mary Ainsworth's research on the parent-child relationship.
  12. John Watson and Little Emotional Albert : Profiles JB Watson, the psychologist considered the father of behaviourism
  13. Sir Frederic Bartlett – The War of the Ghosts : Memory and the Chinese whispers experiment by Frederic Bartlett.
  14. Jean Piaget – The Three Mountains : Were Jean Piaget's findings about children's egocentrism are accurate.
  15. Solomon Asch - Conformity : The conformity experiments of social psychologist, Solomon Asch.