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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Getting Enough Stuff to Read (Final on this subject)

I've just noticed that a small software item that I announced on this blog a couple of years ago has become outmoded. Normally I would run around screaming about the unfairness of life.

But I don't think I will this time.

My little script was intended to highlight the items in a set of Google Scholar results that could be obtained immediately and at no cost. Google has gone about one light year farther. The current version of Scholar checks for the presence of each item in such a list somewhere on the web.

Here's what I mean.

When you do a Google scholar search the hits are listed on the left, as usual. Clicking on a link in the lefthand list will usually take you to a periodical requiring payment, right? However, if Google has succeeded in finding a freely available copy of the paper listed at the left then it will post the URL to the right as another link. I've circled one example of such a 'free' link.