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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

How-To's for Small Business & Job Seekers

In spite of my insistent protestations about my ignorance of law someone asked me today for support in connection with her trademark. She has a great trademark idea for her business, in my estimation, but she became a tad upset when it occurred to her that someone else might already be using it. What to do?

Well, as it happens this is another place where my very own custom Google search came in useful. Unlike the b-i-g Google it just searches a restricted collection of web sites that offer practical advice about how to do things. I dropped the key words

Canadian trademark

in to the custom search and received both the searchable Canadian registry of trademarks and a set of instructions for registering trademarks. Of course I cannot claim that one would not find these using Google itself but, in many cases, the custom search would eliminate a lot of chaff.

To use the custom search just follow and/or bookmark this link: Career & Employment How-To-Do-Its.

To get back to the main thread of this article, if you're trying to create a trademark that you can register I imagine that you can use the online database to help you. However, for heaven's sake, consult a specialist.