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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Technology Place for Nonprofits: Techsoup

I had read quite a few tweets from Digital NPO of Chicago before I finally noticed that several of them point to techsoup (The Technology Place for Nonprofits), which has a Canadian associate techsoup Canada.

The Learning Centre has numerous articles addressing the following topics: Accessible Technology, Consultants, CTCs, Databases, Funding, Hardware, Internet Connections, Networks, Software, Technology Planning, Training, Using the Internet, Volunteers, Web Building, Downloads and Webinars.

Here are some of the titles from the Canadian techsoup blog (I've subscribed):
  • Presenting your Message
  • Using Technology for Grants
  • Technology Risk Management
  • TechSoup Canada RoadShow: Edmonton, Alberta
  • Keeping the conversation going with Twitter Talk II
  • Online Storytelling — How to Plan & Produce a Compelling Video
And then there's the blog for techsoup itself. Here are some titles from it:
  • QuickBooks at Your Organization: Free Webinar This Wednesday!
  • The Potential of SharePoint for Nonprofits and Public Libraries
  • Storytelling Screening Success
  • 5 Favorite Features, Tips, and Shortcuts for Microsoft Excel
That QuickBooks seminar is for tomorrow, I think, incidentally.

PS: Includes a heck of a collection of recipes under Community.