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Monday, May 9, 2011

How Do You Compare With Other Canadians?

Two of the sources I have returned to repeatedly for information and inspiration since first discussing them in CDP courses have been the Canadian research firm, Environics, and the company's head, Michael Adams. Using these sources is never a chore because Adams' sense of humour, and good sense, comes through in everything he's connected with.

Although I do not believe that clients are best served using mainly psychometric instruments I certainly accept that they can be useful in encouraging clients to examine themselves and how they may compare with others. Not that this is of great help to them increasing their awareness of other equally pressing issues that confront them in their job of building a life. It's simply a way of starting a conversation that may eventually have to give much more weight to paths to follow, resources to use, expectations, and so on.

The appealing thing about the Environics tribes survey is that it says absolutely nothing about specific careers! My own results were no surprise to me (not at this age). That's my little blue dot in the lower, right corner. I tend to believe "knowledge is power," for example, and, therefore, a career developer might well discuss with me how I might envisage living out that belief. I "question authority." (Oh, yes!) An advisor might discuss where on earth someone might work where that would be a 'fit.' And so on.

Off the topic of career development there's a series of videos providing an overview of recent Canadian public opinion featuring Michael Adams. I suspect it was intended to prevent the train wreck that occurred on Election Day. For a comparison of American and Canadian cultures see Adam's book, Fire and Ice. As always, a good read.


John FitzGeraold said...

I'm an autonomous rebel, too. WHat interested me was that 5% of the population are autonomous rebels, and 29% of baby boomers. Maybe that's part of the reason unboomers hate us so much.

Seriously, though, I can see how this test would be useful to get people to think about what they want out of a job (I refuse to say "career" because I'm an autonomous rebel).