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Friday, July 8, 2011

Gotta Read Statistics Canada Reports Carefully

This graph is from StatsCan's Labour Force Survey (LMS) for yesterday. (No, I don't read these every day.)

It appears that, even by this crude measure, we are still quite a distance from those happy and enchanted days of 2008 when unemployment was only about 6%.

It's natural to wonder when we might return to those halcyon days, isn't it?

Let's just assume that life will hold no further unwelcome economic disturbances over the next few years, and no unexpected gifts either. Then by drawing one line representing the apparent rate at which the unemployment rate is declining and one representing the rate for the early part of 2008 it is quite easy to see that we can expect a return to that rate sometime in the first half of 2014.

A mere three years away.

As career developers we are also inquisitive about which parts of the labour market seem most active or which people are most likely to be obtaining jobs.

The LMS opens with the statement: "Employment rose for the third consecutive month, up 28,000 in June. " Later, under the heading "Employment growth primarily among core-aged women," it says, "Employment rose by 28,000 among core-aged women (25 to 54 years)." It would appear that, in aggregate terms all of the rise in employment can be ascribed to 'core-aged women.' Not just 'primarily' core-aged women.

What kinds of jobs are these?