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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Basic Sales Techniques

The résumé or CV and its accompanying cover letter are truthful documents that present facts that are the most relevant to the job for which one is applying. Since the cover letter might not get the reader's attention at all both documents must also be sales or marketing documents. It's therefore essential to know at least a little about what techniques have been proven to work.

This video provides a simple introduction to the topic.

How can we apply these principles?
  1. Reciprocation: In the context of job applications, I can't think of a way! (Can you?) However, in the context of job development one could offer a potential employer some small gift, such as a note pad imprinted with information about one's agency.
  2. Scarcity: Try to point up some way in which the applicant's qualifications are unusual. In this context it might be necessary to warn against the perils of suggesting to an employer that the client has already been offered employment elsewhere; many prospective employers have heard this too often already. Perhaps though it would sometimes be possible to turn so-called over-qualification into an asset using this approach.
  3. Authority: The application seems obvious. Can you think of a better way?
  4. Commitment: If the client has been networking and if they have succeeded in contacting the person responsible for hiring then during an information interview they could try to get some small commitment that that person would hire someone with qualifications similar to the client. As mentioned elsewhere on this blog this technique can also be used in interviews.
  5. Liking: This is a tough one in the context of résumés and cover letters. Few of us are universally liked or disliked. Still, a prickly résumé is probably going to put most people off. Job developers have to cultivate relationships with employers (somehow) so that they are in a position to present job candidates effectively.