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Friday, August 5, 2011

Job Listings for Career Developers: added

Now searches for occurrences of the following strings:

career consultant
career counsellor
career counselor
career coach
career development facillitator
career development facilitator
career group facillitator
career group facilitator
career resource centre coordinator
career resource center coordinator
case manager
employment consultant
employment counsellor
employment counselor
employment rehabilitation worker
employment services assessment officer
employment specialist
intake coordinator
job coach
job developer
job finding club coordinator
job skills counsellor
job skills counselor
language training instructor
outplacement consultant
vocational program facillitator
vocational program facilitator
vocational rehabilitation consultant
vocational support worker

The software now does a better job of checking multiple pages of jobs and you may notice that some optional spellings are included. Of course this makes for quite a few false hits. Here's the complete jobs list as it stands.

Good hunting!