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Monday, August 8, 2011

Jobs List for CDPs & Related Personnel: eluta Added

First, the jobs list is available here.

I could use your help to improve selection of jobs from At the moment the software selects advertisements in which the following collections of words appear in the job titles:

career advisor
career consultant
career counsellor
career counselor
career coach
career development facillitator
career development facilitator
career group facillitator
career group facilitator
career resource centre coordinator
career resource center coordinator
case manager
employment advisor
employment consultant
employment coordinator
employment counsellor
employment counselor
employment rehabilitation worker
employment services assessment officer
employment specialist
employment support
intake coordinator
job coach
job developer
job finding club coordinator
job skills counsellor
job skills counselor
language training instructor
vocational program facillitator
vocational program facilitator
vocational rehabilitation consultant
vocational support worker

For instance, a job with the title 'job coach and developer' would be accepted because it includes both 'job coach' and 'job developer.'

What I need are other meaningful combinations of words that can appear in job titles.

Got any?