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Monday, October 31, 2011

Now These Are Real Master Classes

The second Edge 'master class' I watched, by Professor Leda Cosmides of the University of California was called 'The Architecture of Motivation.' I found what she had to say extremely interesting, to the extent that I understood it, but it was only when I recognised that it was Professor Steven Pinker in her audience that was asking her questions that I realised that, yes, this really was a master class. I was learning (something about) up-to-date psychological science from one of the foremost people in the field.

You can also watch such master classes by Pinker himself—about the topics from his recent 800-page book—and talks by various other prominent people in various branches of social and other sciences. This is a great way for career developers to broaden horizons.

PS: Cosmides asks why we are made to feel. So why is that so?