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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Proposal: Offer of a Listing of 'Free' Events

Lots of 'free' events of interest to career and employment developers take place across Canada almost every day. Unfortunately few of us learn about them in time to benefit from attending them.

What I propose to do, on a trial basis, is to accept your information about them and to use that information to create a public, sortable web page. If this project attracts too little attention—or too much for me to handle!—I will probably be forced to cancel it. However, I will try to give it a fair trial.

For each event I would like to have:

  • a descriptive title
  • a date in yyyy-mm-dd form
  • time interval in HH.MM-HH.MM (24-hour format)
  • venue name, if available, eg, Central Library
  • a brief description of the event
  • intended audience
  • Google map URL?
Use your own discretion about what stuff you actually need to tell me, eh.

An event will be considered 'free' if it is either totally free or if it involves only a nominal fee. I don't want to include commercial events, and this is not a competitor for the Contact Point events listing.

I would like to see more local events get the attendance they deserve. Beyond that, if you are creating new groups sessions or other work and need an audience then this might be a way of gathering one.

I'll start publishing when I get some events, if I get some events.