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Thursday, November 3, 2011

TQ: Possible Jobs Future

Trainability Quotient is the ability of a system or machine—or person or group—to train itself, not merely to accept training passively. An example is Google which can learn your patterns of interest and use them to improve the search results it offers. As software systems for machine learning and artificial intelligence improve and are more widely adopted, and as they begin to include the ability to process speech and other modalities more effectively, we will can expect to see more such systems in popular use.

However, there are other ways of viewing this direction of development.

I notice that few people make effective use of Google, for example. It's, therefore, very possible that people who specialise in using trainable systems such as this will prosper. In a similar way, people and organisations who are adept at making themselves trainable, especially when they can leverage trainable systems, could well see numerous opportunities. And finally people who are actually skilled at marshalling others in novel ways, in groups to solve unusual problems could become much more valuable.

We live in a time of rapid change.