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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Masculine & Feminine (Parental) Helping Styles

This is about eight minutes of the 2010 BBC programme "Biology of Dads." Here the host Laverne Antrobus watches with fellow psychologist Jay Belsky as two sets of parents process conflicts with their children.

I do enjoy these interactions! Do take the time to watch.

Professor Belsky's suffice to characterise the typical ways in which mothers and fathers work with their children. But why would I mention this on a blog about career development?

I sense that the two approaches are largely complementary and that even once we leave the locus of control of our parents we still might need such support from time to time. At any given time a client might need more of one kind of support than the other. Some clients really need to be offered more of the other kind of support than they think they need. Some career developers are much more adept at providing one kind of support over the other.

Part of our skill is in discerning what is needed and how to provide it.