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Monday, January 16, 2012

The Lean Startup

Some of us need to identify career paths that mainly involve working for others and some of us will start businesses. In my view the advice that Eric Ries offers might be valuable to both categories of people if it's suitably interpreted. For instance, he speaks of the 'vanity' results that are sometimes quoted for a start-up business. These might be counts of the number of visitors to the start-ups website or the number of times that someone has downloaded the trial copy of a software product. Although they might make the people in the start-up feel good, unless they generate income or lead to income generation these numbers are of no value to investors. Likewise, I would say that numbers of qualifications on a résumé could also be of little interest to employers unless they are relevant.

It's worth listening to Eric Ries here, if only because he's entertaining. One of his essential messages is about the importance of investing the minimum effort necessary to determine where the demand for a product or service is actually located. You can also read an interview with him here.