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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Issues in Networking and Jobs

How I wish I could find more Canadian content! But I can't. So here's something from the BBC.

Thinking Aloud is a regularly schedule programme. In this one, "'Jobs for the Boys?' Laurie Taylor talks to Professor Irena Grugulis about her contention that working class people don't get job opportunities in the UK TV and film industry because they don't have the right accents, clothes, backgrounds or friends. The media expert, Sir Peter Bazalgette and Professor of Sociology, Mike Savage, respond to this research and explore nepotism, networking and discrimination in the media world and beyond."

I think some of the remarks about social class are relevant to the Canadian context. But two other aspects of this discussion resonated more strongly for me.
  1. Linking to socially distant people and managing to keep up contact with them can bring rewards in the form of information about opportunities such as jobs. However, it is the people to whom one is most closely connected that know one and are best able to place one in employment.
  2. As mentioned in the interviews, some young people are acquainted with very few people in occupations other than the ones their parents do. I was one of these 'young people.' I believe that it may considerably limit the numbers of career opportunities that these individuals will think to entertain. What can we do?


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