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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Overcoming Unemployment: Keeping a Journal

Keeping an expressive journal or diary can help some people to recover from the unpleasant feelings that arise from becoming unemployed, no matter what the cause. Expressive writing is writing that conveys your full and honest feelings and perceptions about something—in this case how you feel about becoming unemployed and your perceptions of that condition. You are writing for yourself and no-one else. It's private and you can write anything you like.

If you're like me you can keep to a daily schedule of expressive writing for about two to three days. (Maybe four.) Unfortunately, however, expressive writing is a lot like a course of antibiotics and it's necessary to use up the entire prescription. But unemployment, like infectious disease, isn't nice and its effects might take longer to remedy than a few days.

This is where a relatively new category of web apps might help you. They enable you to keep a secure (ie, private) journal. Here's one that I like because it reminds me to write my entries. I try to write up to about five good things I've done or seen each day.

Another one,, that is more full-featured is described in this video.


Ken Walker said...

Great post, Bill. Thanks.

Ken Walker said...

Nice post. Thanks Bill!

Bill Bell said...

Heh, thanks, Ken! I hope folks find this useful.