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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Searching Google: Bedrock Skill for Job Seekers

lifehacker has just made me aware of Power Searching with Google, google's own course that introduces the basic and advanced features of its search machine. I've been using google almost every day of the year for years and years, and I still learned a thing or two, and was reminded to be more deliberate. I highly recommend this.

Job seekers need it for finding advertisements (obviously!); for finding sites to monitor for opportunities; to obtain information about industries, trends, labour markets, companies, important people and so on; and for thinking about career alternatives.

Career developers might be able to develop some of the great teaching examples presented in this course too.

A pleasant way to learn google, complete with exercises. If you're impatient then take the advice of one of the people that comments in the lifehacker article and use the googleguide.

I hope that the graphic presented here can be considered so-called 'fair use'. It consists of crops from two screen captures from the first video in the course.


Dave Moore said...

Thanks Bill for sharing this great information. I really enjoyed the course and look forward to more courses.

Bill Bell said...

Hi, Dave! You're very welcome. I'll keep my eyes open.