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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Ending: My 'Jobs for Career Developers' Listing

I have been using the facilities of Scraperwiki to glean job advertisements from various sites and to list them for people in career development and related occupations. Until now these facilities have been free of charge to use. Scraperwiki have just announced service upgrades together with charges for their services; they will also withdraw the free services I have been using at some time in September. Since I have no revenues to cover my costs I will be withdrawing the job listing whenever Scraperwiki withdraws their free services.

I hope it has been of use to some.


Kelly Kozar said...

Hi Bill,

I'm sorry to hear that your job list will be ending. I used it regularly and wan to THANK YOU for offering this us.

All the best!

TKO said...

Thank you for everything Bill!! This Job listing had been very helpful.


TKO said...

Thank you for everything Bill the Job listing has been immeasurably helpful.

TKO said...

Thank you for everything Bill this listing was immeasurably helpful over the years and it was great to have this as a secondary resource.

Thank you,

Bill Bell said...

Thanks for letting me know! I'm very glad to hear from you.